Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


Looking upon this I should have probably put in more effort. I'll remember to colour it next year and probably do a less cartoony piece.

Good work to everyone involved, it looks sweet.


Some of that stuff was awesome. other things were kinda dumb. but that was cool. I never seen something like this on NG

Oh, that's just peachy.

This upsets me because, while the entire project was probably hard to do and expensive, it only got 2nd place. D:

Good work, I wish I could've contributed. Was this some sort of artist's random free-for-all? If we wanted we could've emailed you our drawings of something on a paperbag? Meh, I suck.



such an awsum concept, to actully see the best of artist's work hand drawn in a book. Tho the 2 paged rant at the beginning was a bit off, but funny


its.. all so beautiful

i think im gonna cry!

seriously most of those pics are AMAZING!
if only i had talent like that :(