Reviews for "Upstairs"


whow,such a nice movie it is thru some music can make u forget al ur troubles

Five-Iron responds:

Very true, although as time goes by it seems harder and harder to do.


The concept, the strange hallucinations, the audio, it all comes together to create something truly... curious.

However, the animation - mainly on the guy - wasn't that great, at times a little irritating. That's why I gave an 8. But i still love this! (Favourited :D )

Also, would you mind PMing me a link for the song - the link provided in the video is dead (i.e the download no longer works). I've tried hunting around for that song but to no avail.

Five-Iron responds:

To get the song, your best bet would be to email kingbastard himself. It's been a while so the link is dead, but he still might have a copy available somewhere. Try his myspace page.


dam this made me think a lot...
i love music it can make you happy at the most fucked up times.

Five-Iron responds:

Very true bro.

Simply amazing

This is so unique, amazing, and it stands out from anything on newgrounds. The simple polish and style of the animation is enough to earn it a ten. Then there's just everything together. Truly this is perfect. I'm frustrated that I can only give you a 10/10 and a 5/5.

Five-Iron responds:

It seems too easy to understand to me, I'd much rather prefer a peice that makes you really think hard about EVERYTHING in it. But the simplicity is beauty. Thanks so much for the review.


really Great work!! I love the way you animate! I wish I could be half as good as you!! The way the color started to fill the walls was amazing! Truly a stroke of genius! I love when I stumble upon great works of art like this... They are sooo hard to find on newgrounds... I find my self coming back to this flash like the last reviewer said... Its just one of those great works of art that you find something new in it every time you watch it!!! congrats on the crew pick and 3rd place!!! Everytime I do watch it I vote 5 right away!!! Keep making flashes cuz your talent shouldn't be wasted!!

Five-Iron responds:

You're so sweet and all your animations are great to me! I hope we can work together soon.

Thanks for the support :D