Reviews for "Upstairs"


An supurb film about how music and passion can transform thw world around you, and fill your life with colour... stop me if I'm wrong! Great work! It's a style of animation I rarely see, and you've done it well.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks :D

I almost gave up on it half way...

But stuck with it and I'm glad I saw it through yo the end. The somber beginning and faceless style got me a little scared this was yet another self indulgent piece of crap whine-fest but it wasn't. The only thing I would have liked to see different was a little more animation/body acting from the character. It's hard to capture emotions with no face, and I think some parts did better than others. Non the less, I'm nit picking, but I feel good artist should get real input, not just smoke blown up their ass. Way to try something different (and serious, no easy feat around here) and I'd have to say you pulled it off. Good stuff.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks for the review Mr.Punbeard,

Yeah, it does really start out slow but that has never really bothered my in movies or animations, I kind of enjoy the groove I get when easing into a movie or film. The character animation should definetely have been done better! I can't tell you how many times I say to myself, "That looks way too machine like or clunky". I really didn't know much about movement or even human anatomy so I just kind of did what I could. Looking back at it, I'm really happy I've improved.


The message hidden (or maybe quite obvious) in this flash is so beautiful. The music you used is also perfect. The art and the music together, along with the story you're trying to tell, make this flash one of the few masterpieces on this entire site. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Five-Iron responds:

No problem mate :D

It's really hard to do these things.


just goes to show how good music has a effect on the world (NOT THAT NEO R&B RAP SHIT ABOUT CLUBS! gangstarr is awesome, however)

The message

The message I got was as follows: "Change the world in a positive way, and it will return the favor."

Five-Iron responds:

I hope you act on that message.