Reviews for "Upstairs"


this was so beautiful and inspiring.
It made me so happy when I watched it.
It almost brought tears.
I loved it, a LOT!
This is one of my favorites now.
keep it up!

Five-Iron responds:

You know, when I first started animating this I was a very depressed fellow. That kind of shows in the first part of the short.

best animation on NG

I've seen so many animations come through Newgrounds. This is still my all time favorite.

Five-Iron responds:

You're too kind good sir!


Beautiful, man...

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks, I work out.

vvv read with care vvv

i like to stay upstairs...in bed with my sister
where its quiet, where its cold...because i bondaged her and threw her in the fridge
i hide away, i hide away...cause my cock already got blisters
its where i stay, its where i stay...right after burying her in a ditch...

man i tried to express my gratitude by expanding your lyrics and i came up with something so frightening that i dare neither to look at it again nor to cancel it from my review

Great animation

You have a very interesting animating style, and I like it.

Was that bit of screamy stuff at the end 'the laughing, crying, screaming masses' from the neverhood? It sounded like it...

Five-Iron responds:

Yep, it was from the NeverhoOd. One of my favorite games.