Reviews for "Upstairs"


I haven't see anything worth writing a review on ever before...
Truley impressive.
Keep it up.


absolutely amazing. (clap clap clap clap clap)

It was sad and beautiful

Almost made me cry, it was damn good, phylosophical and so. Very good. Music and picture are as one. :,)

Five-Iron responds:

I wish I could cry... Seriously, I do. I just can't anymore.

Woah. Nice. Just plain COOL.

It isnt funny, but it's still fun.
This really is wild. And kinda' pretty.
It was somewhat mysterious and odd at the start but it gets better....
It's like, stuff happens when he plays the music.....Although Mom doesn't seem to like it.....
I don't really want to spoil it.
Just watch it!!!

Saddening, yet cheerful.

its saddening, depressing. but non the less looks fantastic and sounds just as good as it looks.