Reviews for "Upstairs"


Animated artistry at its high point, You definitely have my loyalty as a fan.


i cried.twice. you are either high or a visionary. and i dont cry much.


loved how you mixed what is real and what is art!
Was that a Boyd Cooper quote at the beginning? lol

Wonderful color effects

I knew this seemed familiar and I'm pretty sure I did see it before. I can't believe I don't remember how much of an awesome flash this was in its time! The colors and animation were absolutely gorgeous with some of the best use of shades I have ever seen! I especially liked how the red outlined characters contrasted with the more perplex looking main character. Just seeing the color reached across the house and in the red wires was fantastic in itself. The audio bits were pretty nice as well and I loved the message at the end.

OMG so amazing!!!!!

Its like doing what you like dont matter the situation and be optimist... forever!!!! XD