Reviews for "Upstairs"

Really Cool...

Keep painting your world with the colors of your own mind.


It captivated me, and made me think, I make music, and whilst no one around me may enjoy it, it makes me feel whole. This was a great video, I love it, Really connects to the inner soul, even if you don't play music, you have a passion that makes you happier than anything else can.

Souls are cold.

You could give evrything heat, life and colour, the only thing cold and dead was your soul...

I hear the message loud and clear

Actually jonH20, its about how people suffer for their passion. The woman at the door was the rent collecter. He didnt have any money because he was a musician for a living and his views were a little different from everyone elses, thus, nobody bought his music. But you see, none of that matters to him because when he plays his music hes brought into a world that he wouldnt trade for anything and would much rather trade the one hes in for it. I feel like that all too much sometimes and i feel that the less i play music, the more that world slips away. And thats why he doesnt get a different job. hes afraid he would loose the one thing that mattered most to him. So the man in the story and i are both stuck in a tough spot- suffer for your passion and die your self... or leave your passion and have it die for you...

Five-Iron responds:

Yet another very interesting comment.

You people that speak good confuzzle my mind with your big words.

I'd say that there is no right or wrong way at seeing anything. We all have our views and not much we can do to change them besides leave the possibilities open.

Thanks for the interesting comment.


Chuck-eh, you're seeing this film as the guy upstairs. This animation displayed the downfall of modern isolation. It showed the guy denying contact with a woman, in uncertainty shrugging his shoulders, to go and indulge in self-gratification through music.

I see this animation much more dark. The "transformation" you must be talking about is when the protagonist began listening to music and it colored the surroundings. But then, when the video zoomed out and displayed him in his room, it looked like a television for the stick figures. Making me feel like the Protagonists life is not derrived from the passion of music but how we isolate ourselves from the outside world to dissolve our minds into entertainment. While we sit here on our computers, we're not attending to our true god given desires of love, company, friendship, or anything else. As the outside world is throwing a party and conquering the world...you see.

Five-Iron responds:

I see!

Very dark indeed. I'd say that most people are used to seeing things in a box, or coming out of some strange device. I'd even agree with you about how our own isolation creates how we see things in our own world.

A very interesting comment that I will remember.