Reviews for "Upstairs"

I keep coming back to this movie

There's something very beautiful about this movie. Everything fits perfectly. Certainly one of the most emotional things I've ever seen done with, almost makes me shed a tear each time I watch it.

I'm sure I've reviewed this before, but it still touches me, even now.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks mate!

Emotion and feeling is hard to express, but thankfully with reviews like yours, I think I did an okay job on this piece. Haha.


that was really colouful, like on ot those sony adverts. Color like no other. nicely done, the music was great n the animation was different and very nice..

Excellent as usual

This video definately touched on some very personal things that I, unfortunately, can relate to just a little too well. It was fluidly animated, and Kings audio was perfect. I really loved it.


it was beautiful ^.^


This was really awesome. :D
The scene where he goes back into the turntable room and spins the record and all the color explodes was awesome.
Loved it.

Five-Iron responds:

Thank you very much mate :D

I actually thought that scene needed some more "oomf" to it. Possibly more butterflies :P