Reviews for "Upstairs"


tis deserves 100000000000000000000 out of 10. the best ive seen.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks bro :3


This is incredible, and just became my personal favorite flash animation, period.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks Man :3


I remember seeing this animation when it first came out at least a year ago and it has always been inspiring to see it. It is one of the best displays and interpretation of music I have viewed and i love the concept. Just inspiringly original. I am a music production student and feel a strong appreciation for this type of animation and quality. Hail to Five-Iron and Kingbastard!

Five-Iron responds:

Thank you for the kind words :D


A very poignant, visually stunning piece. The artistic effect is unique and...uh...effective. My heart swelled at the end, it didn't exactly make me happy, but I felt peaceful, satisfied, and more than anything else, I felt good. I felt like I had found a happiness that isn't cheap like commercialized smiles and pop music, but a deeper sense of oneness and brightness.

Any flash that can inspire such feelings is a good one in my book. This was beautiful and thouching, and I thank you both for making it.

Five-Iron responds:

Thank you for giving Kingbastard the credit he deserves.

double 10points is rare to receive from me...

but your submission fully deserves it. It carries a more than just abit of art in itself. I like everything about it: The Music, the Lyric, the deeper sense, the style, the graphics, the colors - if I could eat that, it would tast like life, darkness and sunshine.

Really an impressive thing and Id like to add to my pre-poster: It made him love music abit more everytime he watched this - this goes for me too and I hope Ill get the time soon, to learn making music on my own, because im heavily motivated to learn some sensefull things again to make my sometimes grey world as colorfull as yours in there too.

Thanks for that submission, this goes right ontop of my fav-list.

Five-Iron responds:


I've never read someone saying that if they could eat a cartoon, they would.