Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Not breakfast material... but twistedly delicious.

Lol i was eatting when i started watching this movie. I highly recommend NOT doing that.

But great fuckin flash man, i especialy liked the airplane part. Got a laugh out of me


everything was great,keep up the good work....


It was good. The minute he wakes up the look on his face tells you the day was gonna suck. Loved it.

Wow O_o

I never really take things on Newgrounds very seriously, but this... damn, that guys day really does suck. That's some really crazy and sad stuff in the flash. It really makes you think. Great job on it! Keep up the good work! :D

dude, thats sick!

Very cool animation.I was missing the footstep sounds in the kitchen tho...2 bad.I bet the wallet falling in the toilet bit was inspired by trainspotting:P. I liked the atmosphere.

thumbs up