Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Very Interesting

I like your different approach to your flash animations...very dark humor mixed with almost child like animation style. I certainly look forward for moor of your work to come.

Peda responds:

thank you for enjoying it- thats what its there for ^^
Animation style- the 'child like' is the simplicity which holds the foundation of the design of the piece :)


This animation is strange and deep. No actual humor, and I don't really know why I'm giving it all my ten and all my five... I just like it... Your art teacher is going to think you're crazy.

Very very very lovely, but a bit scary.

Wow. What a wonderful piece of work. It captures the viewer's imagination and attention in ways I cannot describe. I am particularly interested in the role of the resident scientist, Rachel Bick, whome you mentioned in the credits. What did she actually do? I too am a roving scientist, in search of a drastic career change. Peda, do you think I could have a trial period with you and then maybe you could employ me?? Please??? (Excellent animation, you should get an A in all your endeavours.)

Wow, amazing & everything in between

I really love the style you've used where you have everything moving, even when they actually arn't. A little like a 'Sticken Around' Tv show I used to watch-- but alot more refined and suttle. Really creates a kinda sketched kinda feel to the whole animation (:

But even besides that the character is unique and the objects and backgrounds are realistic.

Aswell the gloomy type of humour is a definate bonus :D

Keep it up !! >.<

Peda responds:

Love how you appreciated the efforts taken to make everything move and look sketchy- whilst not looking too cheap or crappy (i hope :P). Also love how u appreciated the 'gloomy' type of humor (which has become apparant to me that not all people see). Great review man, very uplifting

You noticed it too?

Death is all around, but we tell ourselves it isn't real.

Good job on the animation. Really intense.