Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

very interesting

First off, to the guy in front of me, goomeister.. I don't think the purpose of this was to make the main character look invincible, but just rather unlucky. He was having a really shit day, like his toast burned, he cut himself shaving, he saw the baby bird die, got roadkill on him, dropped his wallet in vomit, etc. Just really bad luck.

Then when the plane was falling, it looked as though it'd hit him, especially since he was having such bad luck up until this point, but his luck turned around and it stopped short. I also believe the artist intended for us to compare the main character's whole bad luck shit day to those who had just died in the plane crash. Like, yeah, the day was shit, but it could be worse, at least you're not dead.

That being said, good job Peda. I really liked it, nice style, nice story, nice point.

Peda responds:

awesome review- almost poetic, brilliant. NG needs more people like you, a true thinker and appreciator of arts. Very true about the luck thing too

I Enjoyed it ALOT ! ! !

It was a WELL DONE made flash.

I Love basic black and white...(with some Blood Red) in it Flash Cartoons, which is always A Plus +++

I Liked the story as well.

*** Good-Job ***

Peda responds:

Glad that aspect of my style was so appealing to you!


I can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy.
Nicely done, I really enjoyed this.


I liked the style, reminds me of Schindler's List how everything was black and white except for the girl in the red dress and the flame. The sound wasn't very good in some areas, but overall it was a great movie.


I have problem with it being called "humor", but it's really good nevertheless.