Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Very Interesting

I like your different approach to your flash animations...very dark humor mixed with almost child like animation style. I certainly look forward for moor of your work to come.

Peda responds:

thank you for enjoying it- thats what its there for ^^
Animation style- the 'child like' is the simplicity which holds the foundation of the design of the piece :)


I liked it! Reminds of the some of the older stuff I watched on ng. I guess it is sorta depressing though. I coulda sworn I've seen that "have a nice day" message used sort of subliminally in a movie before...

It was an interesting sequence of events, but the plane didn't really seem to fit in with the flow of the rest of it.

Hmm.. the humor didn't seem all that dark to me... maybe I'm just as desensitized as him?

Very very very lovely, but a bit scary.

Wow. What a wonderful piece of work. It captures the viewer's imagination and attention in ways I cannot describe. I am particularly interested in the role of the resident scientist, Rachel Bick, whome you mentioned in the credits. What did she actually do? I too am a roving scientist, in search of a drastic career change. Peda, do you think I could have a trial period with you and then maybe you could employ me?? Please??? (Excellent animation, you should get an A in all your endeavours.)


that was really awesome. i really like your style, it seems so simple (although i know it isn't) but what really matters is that it is effective. somehow underlines the humor, which is really wicked. keep up the good work!

Wow, very good piece of animation!

I wasn't dissapointed with this piece of flash. The animation looked simply drawn but was so brilliant. The detail put into the sorrounding environments and the movement of objects was very good. I liked how the graphics were hand drawn, stick images, it really gave across the feeling that this mans life is horrible. There were also only 3 colours, red black and white, which made the cartoon portray across this mans dreadfully dull and depressing life.

I loved the sound, i like how you even when to the effort to use footstep sounds on grass and on the pavement. All of the other sound effects such as water gushing, the car going over the dead animal and even him throwing up were all brilliantly done, well done.

The only bad thing i can really say about it, i didnt really understand why he was sorrounded by death and why at the end he just walked away from the plane, it confused me a little. I think maybe the point your trying to get across is the fact that death is part of life and it doesnt amtter whether its a big or small creature, were all the same...
...I have no idea =] but anyway this was a very nice flash, well done!