Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

You noticed it too?

Death is all around, but we tell ourselves it isn't real.

Good job on the animation. Really intense.

Very very good!

I really enjoyed this Dark Materials flash movie. It was very dark. Kinda reminds me of every one on this planet. We wake up, go to work, do the same stuff every day, and occasionally get a face full of dead skunk.

I do think that you need to see a shrink. And maybe the plane scene is a bit too terrorist-friendly.

I definitely agree with it being 'dark-humour' and if anyone wants a piece of 'light-humour' just add 'file' to the end of this artists name.


Good stuff, keep it up.


I like it. The animation was really fluid, and the stick figures and doodles felt good. The apathy of the character was pretty funny too. Dont listen to Digimaks, he has no idea what hes talking about. Plots arent a necessity. Look at Clerks, one of the greatest indie movie success stories ever, no plot. Sticking to a given format just keeps us dwindling on the past.

Okay okay...

The style was enjoyable but everything else man...

That was the grossiest, most bothersome to my emotions and stomach, movie I have ever seen. I hope you don't ever feel like that guy.


very disturbing, but you are very good at this, exceptional job