Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


That was really awesome. The ending was almost jaw dropping. Great idea; keep up the good work.

Peda responds:

Wanted to make the ending seem bigger and more cinematic- but the whole point of the movie was sticking to the style- so i couldnt allow myself to do that. Glad u loved it though!

This is the best.

This is so funny. You are a morbid genious. Make another one. But make it with some bad luck domino style humor. like have him kick a pebble onto the road only to have a truck hit it and fly into and destroy a grocery store. Just a suggestion.

Thank goodness that doesn't happen every day

I love the style, the ambient noise was nice too (sometimes music can just take away from a good flash). And to boot, I can say we've all had one of those days where everything goes wrong (well cept mabye a plane crashing at our feet). Rock on, that was awesome.


that was insane, i loved the original style and technique. that was greatly made and pretty sad. one question though: was the plane a little bit much? i kinda saw it coming when you saw it pass by and i thought 'man, he better not crash the plane...'
i loved it tho.

Peda responds:

good eye on that plane. I had a hard time deciding whether to cut the first sighting, or leave it, or make it go by faster or on for longer etc. I chose this to add to the 'suspense' and the increasing feel of dread that is evident throughout. Nice reveiw :)


That guys life is screwed up if hes seeing all that crap in one day rofl, and a plan almost hits him...he just walks away...
AMAZING, good work.