Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

I liked it

I really liked this flash, not exclusively cause' of blood and stuff, but what it shows. A daily routine but with some little details in particular, the cut shaving, the bird egg falling, the dog (or bunny) dead on the street. How he gets stained because of staring at it and then a car passing and spilling all the blood in his face and the way he throws up. Then washing his face on that filthy bathroom, classic of public services like those, it's just nasty. But I liked when the plane crashes and he just doesn't move, and he's not even shocked of what he just whitnessed, like if he didn't know what he really cares about.

Nicely done! Keep up the good work.
Have a nice day :3 -

Peda responds:

no, YOU have a nice day :) Im having a BRILLIANT day thank you very much :D FRONT PAGE! As soon as my friend saw it, he commissioned me to make a music vid for him, using a similar style- oooh!
Thanks for the great review- nice interpretation of how you enjoyed the story :)


usually I don't like this specific style of animation, but this was preety good. In the begining when it shows him walking away from his house, I thought it was gonna explode or catch fire beceause he never put out the fire in his kitchen.. Well, anyways, good movie.

Peda responds:

good observation! The fire kept going for the original idea of him comin home at the end of the day to find it burnt down :)
Toaster fire could have been put out in the transition from bathroom to front door.


this is sick ... nice grafix ... but sick , need some psycho help ? man ...

Peda responds:

hehe, I appreciate the concern. But i'm beyond help :P I enjoy weirding people out- being sick is the best method.


sick but freakin awsome

Peda responds:

freakin awesome score man, thanks!

Good stuff

I really enjoyed the style of animation and the overall irony of the story.

Peda responds:

ah, irony- the most bittersweet of comedy