Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

I agree with rabid_baby_birds

this video was just meant to show the worst case scenario of a really shitty day one step above dying. I also thought the plane was gonna kill him too.

Peda responds:

very simply put, the worst case scenario is the story of the movie. There are many meanings i encorporated tho- look at some of my earlier review responses to see.

very interesting

First off, to the guy in front of me, goomeister.. I don't think the purpose of this was to make the main character look invincible, but just rather unlucky. He was having a really shit day, like his toast burned, he cut himself shaving, he saw the baby bird die, got roadkill on him, dropped his wallet in vomit, etc. Just really bad luck.

Then when the plane was falling, it looked as though it'd hit him, especially since he was having such bad luck up until this point, but his luck turned around and it stopped short. I also believe the artist intended for us to compare the main character's whole bad luck shit day to those who had just died in the plane crash. Like, yeah, the day was shit, but it could be worse, at least you're not dead.

That being said, good job Peda. I really liked it, nice style, nice story, nice point.

Peda responds:

awesome review- almost poetic, brilliant. NG needs more people like you, a true thinker and appreciator of arts. Very true about the luck thing too

Wow, amazing & everything in between

I really love the style you've used where you have everything moving, even when they actually arn't. A little like a 'Sticken Around' Tv show I used to watch-- but alot more refined and suttle. Really creates a kinda sketched kinda feel to the whole animation (:

But even besides that the character is unique and the objects and backgrounds are realistic.

Aswell the gloomy type of humour is a definate bonus :D

Keep it up !! >.<

Peda responds:

Love how you appreciated the efforts taken to make everything move and look sketchy- whilst not looking too cheap or crappy (i hope :P). Also love how u appreciated the 'gloomy' type of humor (which has become apparant to me that not all people see). Great review man, very uplifting

Great work!

I'm not sure if you mean it literally when you say "the style of humor i invented" or "animation style i created." Both the "humor" and animation style are not original. They may be seen less than other styles, but unless you're a lot older than you say you are, you didn't invent them. Albeit, your project isn't unoriginal.

Apart from that, which has nothing to do with my score, I found it to be very enjoyable. You did a fantastic job with the animation and perspectives - really a pleasure to watch. I'm usually a fan of dark humor but I didn't see any. The scene that came closest to having it was with the main character vomiting on the road kill (human sized hamster), which could be funny on it's own, but isn't in context with the rest of the very serious short. Without the humor, it's pretty dry. That's not a big deal, seeing as humor is personal opinion and others seem to think it's funny. I enjoyed concentrating on the art and animation.

Good luck. Hope your teacher gives you a critique with some helpful advice.

Peda responds:

i thought reaching into a public toilet was pretty funny- seeing him wince XD

Im sorry bout coming across so big-headded bout the 'inventing' thing. What i really tried to do was meet the aspects together to create the style as a whole. Of course every aspect was already invented, dark humor, simple drawing, style of animation, but it was the combination and strict discipline in keeping these strong is what makes my style unique. Well, thats how i felt and what inspired me to make it :)
Thanks for the review :D

good but not great.

Ok first of all nice acheivment, I thought the stylization was amazing good job. now a couple of nitt picking things, first of all this is in no way an experimental style people have been doing black and white for a hundred years, yes it was new but not experimental. Next WHY DID HE CUT HIMSELF IN THE BEGGINING!!!! It makes no sense, the entire time he is out of the house no one can hurt him. Like the airplane not hitting him when in fact it would and he would die. He should have cut himself in the end I am sorry it looked super cool but it makes no sense story wise. Bye man good job, hate to be picky.

Peda responds:

thanks for the review. I personally havent animated using the general style- i refined it and made this cartoon to experiment with it. It does lend itself to a few things, b+w being a classic example, but also see the red only shoing- that lends itself to a few examples of film noir. The humor; i had fun experimenting with what i found amusing in a dark aspect.
And i feel most people would prefer to nip themself shaving than see a dead dog :) thanks