Reviews for "Identity (2006)"

Liked It

I really did like it and thought it was really good, but you did not create that character, unless it was you who created that web comic with the characters who look exactly like that. If you have not seen that web comic, then it's just a very, very strange coincedence.

Peda responds:

I actually had no idea that there was a similar web character. Must be coincidence- which is very easy to do seeing as I based him so closely off 'generic stick figures' and styled the face as i found most funny (many designs until i stuck with this) IF ANYONE HAS SEEN A SIMILAR CHARACTER ON THE INTERNET- TELL ME WHERE I CAN SEE IT! THANK

very sad

this is a very sad and depressing story showin what happens in the world and we are livin calmly and we dont really know wat is happenin behind our backs

Peda responds:

Good to see you were well humored by this movie. I made the character so people could feel for him in these situations. Im generally getting a very 'sad' and 'depressing' vibe :/

My opinion

It was nicely done, yadda yadda.

But it really felt like it wasn't. I'm sure you'll get a good grade, but to me the style pretty sucked. It seemed poorly animated and the sound effects were more annoying. I'm not a masochist, I do not enjoy making myself digusted, but the toilet scene just felt like it really pushed that. It had little plot, little action, and if you're going to make something based purely on style I'd much rather it was a nice style. But no, I see a frame by frame person's life go crappy in a pretty boring nasty way. And so I think it has all too little artistic merit or entertainment, and has now been given an official "crap" rating from me.

And don't go angry, it's my honest view, if you want an argument moan at the people who can't decide whether it's a dog or cat or whatever the hell it is.

Peda responds:

hehe, thanks for your views. I am not angry, just upset that you didnt enjoy it- it was experimental afterall, these things happen.
And if im going to argue- its with people who for no good reason make suck-ass, dumb-shit reviews like 'THAT SUX. U SUCK LOL WAS CRAAAAAAPPP!!1!!'... if u know what i mean. thank you for the review :)


This is awesome. I've had days like that before, except without all the dead people...

The animation style worked really well for the films concept. The lack of color did the same also.

Peda responds:

thank you. hehe, dead people. At least you can have relief that you only experience them (daily) online!

Wow, this is great work

I gotta be honest, I think this is a really powerful movie. It really gives a pure feeling of simple sadness that is so simple it's disgusting.

This is an excellent work.

I loved it.

Peda responds:

In art, less can be more. In life, even the most simplest thing can be most effective. Thank u for liking the themes of this film- or enjoyin them at least :)