Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


A person wakes up, and sees death and despair all around him.
There really was no humour in that. Dark or otherwise.

At first when he saw the baby bird , that maybe, it was meant to show him that at least he has a chance to live out his life despite his rocky morning start.

I think it was a good animation with some nice details and it invoked feelings. Good and bad. But theres nothing more to it.

The Title made no sense, and proclaiming it had dark humor was kinda a coverup, to the fact that you probably just animated this as you thought it up.. with no real moral or premise.

still was a good short tho. Just meaningless, as Im sure you originally intended it to be.

Peda responds:

On he contrary. The entire thing was conceived, ordered and storyboarded. There is no coverup- I genuinely find the events in this movie comically appealing- but thats just how my humor is. I guess the true darkness is not in lots of blood and some on his face- its finding yourself amused by his misfortune- thats what appealed to me the most when brainstorming scenes.
You actually have the COMPLETE wrong end of the stick.
The title was the name of the piece i decided to create an animation for- as i am sure i have explaied somewhere, Identity can be created and is assumed by those that see it. Identity is not only for people, but people identify with items, and companies are identified by logos etc. I made this piece with its own identity, both in how it looks with the strict graphic style i made and followed, and in how it is unnecessarily gory (once again, dark humor in my eyes- im just strange like that).
The meaning is not carried in the plot, but in the movie as a whole when considering the (artistic) origins.

Hope this helps you and others understand the movie, title, meaning and events more clearly.

It was ok. . . .

It was really good for a stick type movie and the screen play was awsome but the ending seemed kinda wierd and left us thinking that somthing else should of happened oh well great movie ToM!! >_<

Peda responds:

i was strapped for time at the end and felt there couldnt be a greater thing happening after the series of misfortunes beforehand


That was just nasty. No humor, no nothing. The only reason this should be considered to stay is the graphics, which were only decent.

Peda responds:

Humor, as i said after another reveiw,is different for everyone. Sorry that you couldnt let yourself enjoy seeing this undeserving character go through crap. THATs the dark humor.

nicely done

hey you idiot below me, im pretty sure that was a badger and that thats why it was dark humour.. dark humour is dark get it?

yes i liked this very much. Really enjoyable to watch and some nifty arwork good job mate.

Peda responds:

badger is a popular interpretation. Its actually modelled off a sleeping dog i saw on google image search.that doesnt really matter anyway-the blood is the whole part of that little joke- good to see you liked the dark humor (and saw it well)


Dude what? That was just gross. I didn't pick up on any "dark humor", unless it's underlyingly funny to have cat blood in your face.

But I liked the animation and sound a lot so it's all good.

Peda responds:

I found humor in being able to laugh at his misfortune- for he is an invented character without real feelings and he's going through a lot of bad events.
But of course many people see the humor in different things and i completely understand that this rather evil humor is not your forte (laughing at REAL peoples misfortunes is never a funny thing though- i stand strongly by this opinion)