Reviews for "Identity (2006)"


I seriously enjoyed that. The style was extremely unique. It was funny, well animated, and unbelieveable all at the same time. I mean, we all have those bad days, but nothing as depressing as this! Very nice job.

3.95/5.00, A, 93/100

Peda responds:

Thank you for appreciating the creative individuality I hoped would work, and I am very glad you see it that way :D

wow pretty good.

And that would be the definition of a bad day :)

Peda responds:

true :)
good thing its all exggerated and it isnt an everyday thing to go through quite that much cra in a day :P


That was really awesome. The ending was almost jaw dropping. Great idea; keep up the good work.

Peda responds:

Wanted to make the ending seem bigger and more cinematic- but the whole point of the movie was sticking to the style- so i couldnt allow myself to do that. Glad u loved it though!

huh, story of our lives...

we live, we see the wreck coming towards us, we watch, and just before it hits, it stops. We're still alive.

Are the ones who were collateral damage the lucky ones? Or us?

btw, that dead puppy, i've seen the real version somewhere....in addition to it being whole.

Peda responds:

good to see you found the puppy- of course it was whole- it was sleeping.
nice philosophy-not what i was going for. The fact he' fine after the plane crash isnt the full story; hes been through so much crap for a normal day, he just leaves without helping or worrying too much (possibly desensitised) too bad you didnt like the movie.


umm i dont get it try something next time that has a point.

Peda responds:

there is a point. Read my response to the review below. The whole style is the point for making it.