Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

A Collab Worth Noting

An extremely smooth and relaxing song people can listen too. I found this song to hit me in the softest and most touching way possible with the introduction of hania at :36. It was such a smooth transition that I sat stunned for what seemed like a near eternity time.
It felt as though it sung of love, even though I could not understand a single word of the song, and that is an amazing achievement. To send a clear image of a single emotion that resonates throughout many people is an accomplishment that transcends you and hania to be one of my(and many people's) most respected artists. You don't need a painting to illustrate the beauty of people, for it is shown by the flow that is your song.
10/10 and 5/5. I think I can comfortably say this is one of the best collabs at Newgrounds.

-axci1234fire (Alex Choi)

P.S. What is the language spoken here, because it sounds so beautiful when hania sings it.

Bosa responds:

I don't know what the language is, as Hania is the one who wrote the lyrics. I'm pretty sure it's just fantasy - kinda like how Tolkien invented Elvish.

Thank you for the in-depth review. I truly appreciate the support you've given me and Hania. I've realized today how far I've grown in music, and this will not be the last collaboration between me and Hania, as I can assure you of that!

Thank You,


Simply beautiful. I was on the verge of tears, and a part of me wishes I HAD cried. This is the most beautiful song I've heard in a long time. I don't think I'll hear anything of this level of beauty for a long, long time.

Bosa responds:

Ha ha, I know what you mean. There's some songs out there that can make a grown man the size of hercules shed tears. It's just the way people are I guess.


I luv how the music starts off almost somber, moves to really soft and sweet, and eventually blends into Hania's voice. It's a cool piece, super clear and easy to listen to... Great collab and I can't wait to hear more:)

Bosa responds:

And more you shall hear! Thank you for reviewing this piece of music.

I don't speak... that language.

Even though it is in a foreign tongue I still found this an excellent and compelling song.

Bosa responds:

Perhaps it is more foreign than you realize.. ha ha! But anyways, that's beside the point. Thank you for reviewing this piece of music, and I will continue to make more as long you keep on listening.


L'anglais, c'est mon truc.

Elle est douce et agréable. Je l'écoute en boucle.