Reviews for "The Love of Marion"


it sounds so awesome

You earned the crowd's adulation of this effort

I dunno what the lyrics say but it brings peace to me especially since I'm alone here and its nice and bright sunny day lol pretty cool I would say. The lady singing makes me think she's celestial being o.O

This is beautiful

I love the music and you picked a very good singer for it. I love how her voice sounds.

Goo work.

I'm honestly not a big fan of this kind of music, but I can see that you guys put a lot of work into it and I find that great. The track itself is magnificently composed and the vocals are great. Keep up the good work =)

Elegance in its purest form.

Well done the two of you on this it's beautifully put together and the two sound you gie gel well with one another.

5/5 & 10 Stars.