Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

Nice job.

what are the english lyrics?


While this isn't really my style of music (I don't usually prefer vocals to be the main 'instrument' in an orchestral piece), I can still look past my own preferences and can tell it's a nice piece. The Smooth singing fits very well with the soft instrumentals to make some beautifully soothing music. Almost has an ambient feel about it. Good work to both of you.

Beautiful is the only way to describe this

Beautiful. simply beautiful. There is no other way to describe this. The melody and harmony create such a soothing and almost melancholic atmosphere that relaxes the spirit. Great job


it is beautiful i dont know why but this song make me remmeber a nice dream

Excellent piece of music

Now there's a piece that gets everything right. The serene music and angelic vocals just interact in the most harmonic way.

More! Please!

Bosa responds:

Of course! I'm working on a new piece right now, actually.