Reviews for "The Love of Marion"


It must of been great to make this. And to work Hania!

music itself is so epic

Awesome Song. I Really feel it

Bosa responds:

Thanks, man. Be sure to keep up to date with me, as I produce new and even better music.

Very well mixed!

The mix is so clear, I'm very impressed! As usual, Hania provides a beautiful performance. I loved the modulation at 0:24! It made me do an aural double-take (I replayed that section :D). The rest of the track was pleasantly predictable. It definitely works, but I think another prompt modulation would've built intensity further. Food for thought!

Great work both of you, I hope this isn't the last collab!


Bosa responds:

Thanks! I have to admit, the song is rather plain throughout its entirety - I guess I'm to blame when I rush music production :(

I assure you, this is not the last collab with Bosa and Hania.

Instant Classic

I predict that will became a legend on NG, soon.
Soon this will get as a standard for musicians here :)) Everybody who will try orchestral with voice will have face a comparison with your track...
Congrats to you and Hania.
Instant classic and instant favorite ;)

Bosa responds:

Maybe it will be. We'll have to see!


Your music and Hania's voice are a match made in heaven. A perfect fit. I would love to see your music crossover with other artists of Newgrounds in the future.

I may not know what the lyrics mean, but they sound captivating and quite soothing. A wonderful piece by you and Hania good sir.

Bosa responds:

Why thank you. You know, you've been a great help to me - as your stories and reviews inspire me to make more. I love to see what your imagination is capable of, and I can assure you that I will continue my work with a positive attitude.


wow.. amazing song.

I love all your music, but I truly believe that this is the best original vocal piece I've ever heard on NG.

Well done, both of you, keep making amazing music.

Bosa responds:

Thanks, and will do!