Reviews for "The Love of Marion"


bosa, this piece is amazing, your playing and Hania's voice is an excellent combination, i can't find words to describe how beautiful it is, thanks for making it!

This is just....

Wow...this is by far the best song (with vocals) I've ever heard in ng. Hania is just too amazing with her voice (I wonder why she doesnt have a record deal....same goes for you lol) and your track just takes my breath away. Putting those 2 together is about to make me cry as I'm reviewing this because this song is just....man it's so good I can't think of a good word for it haha. I love this song. Keep it up.

CrimzonWolf777 ^_^v


With the already awesome piano background then with the addition of Hania's voice made this song the most epic thing I have ever heard on newgrounds.The song is really soothing to listen too :D Yea I do agree with palaniaiwaiwa that with an addition of a male voice would make this song much more better.

Bosa responds:

Perhaps I'll add my voice in the next piece, but I don't know.

Yes, more please.

This collaboration is great. Hania's voice fits the melody of the song perfectly, and blends very well with the flute and strings.
The song would be great with a strong Bass 1 or Bass 2 Male vocal Singing from Nostoli - Mekino Vesh, and then hania joining and harmonizing with him at Torot, Forporva shkolova. Then Just Hania from Voriem - Romokiva say.
The melody is very suiting for the feel of the song, and the lyrics (made up, but even still) also suit the songs peaceful feel. The song is quite obviously a love song (hence the suggestion of a duet).
The song could do with some stronger instruments that stand out some, maybe a higher pitched flute, or a plucked cello.

You know the whole rating, (technical score+(emotional score x 2))/3
You get a 10/10 for feel/emotional, and a 9/10 for technical. that makes approximately 9.5 which rounds to 10/10

Bosa responds:

I was actually thinking of singing in the next one we do, but I don't know.. it depends.

Lovely =)

I really liked it. Only have a few things to comment that might improve it. At 1:00 - 1:20 when she sings "oo" I think it'd be really affective if you did a counter harmony with it, or have a root and a 5th or 3rd, would really bring that out nicely. Then 1:25- 1:45 with the flute, felt that it was meant to play a little more... Like it felt out of place? Not wrong but just needs to be a little more loud and complex but not too much to take away from her singing. Also thought at 2:10 the string solo should be louder and more of a solo and less of a bridge to another vocal part. And from 3:00 to the end since you just have the flute, think it'd really help if you used a flute with a high octave, to get the same kind of effect be a really good idea to use a bass bamboo flute, I think that'd make it sound spectacular, fit perfectly (but obviously not even every flute player has a bamboo flute let alone people who don't play flute haha). Thats all, I really liked it =) I need to write some vocal pieces haha I started writing a choir one but I'm an instrumentalist before I'm a singer so it's hard for me haha. Keep up the good music =) I love your compositions.