Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

Mien gott

I could listen to this giberrish all day. The music was pretty good too.

Amazing, just.. amazing.

Nothing I can truthfully say to this.. only that the production of the track was very magnificent and Hania's voice added a tremendous value to the song itself. Even with the crazy, made-up voice.. It's a very unique and gentle song. If I were to make any type of translation to the lyrics, it would've came up about either a love life.. or life itself.. a very happy, at times, and down life. The music and her voice match up perfectly and I also hope to hear more of your music in general. Congratulations on this amazing piece of music. I love it.

Bosa responds:

Why thank you, my good man!
I intend on producing more music with Hania, so stay tuned for future releases!



i know its not avatar. but it reminds me of the soundtrack. (i love avatar)
great song!

Bosa responds:

I haven't seen Avatar yet, but I'm sure I will.

i really like it!!!

im experimenting with orchestral music too but do you have some tips for me how it sounds great?

Bosa responds:

Just keep practicing and experimenting with new things. Eventually, you'll have something you can submit to newgrounds. The more you create and learn about classical music, the better you get at making it.

Beautiful and sad.

The singer sounds on the verge of tears throughout the song, in a good way though. Sends shivers down my spine.

I have a question, what language are the lyrics, if they are in a (real) language? I'd love a translation.

The melodies of the orchestra and singer match PERFECTLY in this peice, 5/5, 10/10, +fav'd.

Bosa responds:

I would assume the language is made up. Therefore, I'm not sure there is a translation available.