Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

...oh dear lord, this is amazing. And yes, I am going to be a goon. Translation; I can haz? It's beautiful....

Bosa responds:

You will have to ask Hania, my good sir.

Oh, wow, Bosa and Hania performing in the same piece. Definitely a pleasant song to stumble onto! I've been a fan of Bosa for a while since Winter at the Castle and Princess Marion, and I'm a new fan of Hania's vocals. :)

I wish I knew more about music so I could describe why this is such an engaging piece. There's a strong emotion behind it from Hania's vocal performance - you can be emotionally invested without having a translation of the song. And of course, as always, Bosa has such a sweeping musical style that it draws you in right away.

This is just lovely. Great work on this, you two. I would be more than happy to find another collab between you two!

Bosa responds:

There will be another coming soon!

my god...it's so touching....

despite i can't understand what hania was singing i can still hear the emotions in her voice that translated everything for me. The lonely of the young man, the weariness writen by Marion...it has it all...
All i can say is that this enlarged my definition of epicness once more. and i'm not sure if it can get larger now :)
Also, i've been lurking on your page to see when the new music har arrived to listen and gain inspiration for my book(which could really fit this music)


Bosa responds:

I've got something new coming up that I'm sure you're really going to enjoy..

Stunnigly beautiful

that's really all there is to say. Your voice and the music blend in a way that is a true blessing.

Though I do need to ask. What language is this, it sounds familiar but I can't place it.


This is one of the songs that can go either the beginning or ending of a movie or RPG gaming soundtrack. I love it :)