Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

My opinion

Hey Bosa!

I'm gladly grab my keyboard and write a review about this song. About the first impressions:

- loved the slow strings in the beginning and the glockenspiel (?) sounds on it but after my personal taste (and I must underline that it's only my PERSONAL taste) the staccato strings brings some unnecessary dinamism to the song that doesn't fit for a lovesong - altough I don't know the background of the song and the purpouse why it made and for what scene.

- the gitar was a great add and the pan-flute (?) too. I think I don't have to highlight Hania's voice. It's wonderfull, magical and gives an etheral beauty to the song. May I ask what kind of language is the vocals written? I simply can't figure it out and it sounds really like out of this world from a fantasy-land or something... but I carried away, back to the song:

To be honest i like the song and I can't really find anything to criticise. Or maybe: during the last vocal part are there a choir under it in the background? If yes it's almost unrecogniseable since it's so quiet. If not then there's another instrument there or something I could hear out of the song.

But there's nothing other I could mention. Beautifull song. Congrats on your efforts!


Gregory Bakay

Bosa responds:

Well, this song was indeed meant to be a love song. However, I'm not the one to ask about the language or the vocals, as I didn't write them. Hania is the one to talk to about that. However, I can say that it is a fantasy-style voice and most likely the language is fantasy as well. There is a boy choir at the first vocal part and the last. Perhaps I should have increased their volume, as I just noticed how low they are. Thanks for the review, Gregory! I hope to hear more from you in the near future!


The strings are amazing, and the voices are just the right volume.

Bosa responds:

Thanks, man. A lot of hard work went into this and I'm so glad somebody likes it.