Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

It was pretty fun.

I liked it though I think there could've been difficulty levels because it eventually got just to easy. I know that the point was it was supposed to be in only one frame b ut I think there should've been some menu where it let's you choose how hard it should be. The gameplay was smooth but I think you could've added a background or specially design the pads. It would've been a lot better with music also. It was pretty fun though.


Omfg got any haxxx for d4t 1337 c0mput0rzzz?!

h3 fu(k1ng ch33tzzz

Not bad

Cool that you managed to do it in one frame.

There is a sort of glitch, though, that the original pong didn't have. Original pong was no genius or acrobat, but in this game if you hit the ball towards the very, very bottom of your platform the comp will miss it every time. If you do it right the ball will bounce twice and then fly above the comp's platform.

I managed to score 20-0 in a couple minutes. Might wanna add another frame and make the comp platform a little faster so it's not so easy to defeat it all the time.

Overall good submission.

pong. i used to play this game all the time

ya, hedline says it all.

Pretty lame, no sound or anything

You could have put some more work into the presentation before you displayed it online. if you though it sucked, then why did you display it. Would have even been better if you put a little menu or intro screen, or at least added sound when the ball hit the walls and paddles. Also, the computer instantly goes to where the balls position is and is almost impossible to beat. In other words, work a little harder before you display one of your works online, cause people can be relentless on it no matter what.