Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

I crushed your AI

35-5... Not perfect, but good for a first attempt. The "enemy" paddle disappeared to the bottom of the screen and scored on me a couple of times. It would have been nice for you to hide the mouse pointer when it was over the paddle. Other than that, pretty good for a free pong game :)


my ball fell of the screen on the 6th game so...

Yay a classic game back from the dead

im so happy that some one made apong game i havent played one forever. i would have made one but...... my flash works are lacking in beauty....... ok i suck. oh heres an easy way 2 win if ne 1 reads this, when u start move your stick down a little so the ball barely hits the corner and the ball will ricochet and the other stick will freak out and hastily follow the ball but so far in my history of playing he has never blocked it


I love Pong, this was the shit.

pong rules

good job