Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

One question...

Is there a version of pong in more than one frame? Good game, but it's pong, and it's been done, over and over.

Lol..A good old game of pong!

well im a fan of pong so good work..as was said it coulld use sound!! lol i love playing pong it took me literally only 15 seconds to glitch the game and find the spot to keep the paddle and win...lol classic!

Overall, it wasn't /bad/

First off, some sound would be nice. a little *blip* when it hits the paddles and a *bloop* for the walls. Maybe some sort of fanfare for scoring. That would spice it up a little bit.
Second, instead of "serving" the ball to the person who scored, have the ball serve to the "player" who didn't score. I suggest this because there is this one position if you have your paddle in when your served. You will score. And the process repeats. You score, you are served the ball. You score, you are served the ball. So, if you made it interesting and had the ball sered to the opponent who didn't score. Might help a bit.
Third, now I don't know if this is possible. But maybe if you reset both paddles to the start position after a score is made.im not at all sure if this is possible. But it would help to keep those who find that "perfect"sitting spot.
Last but not least. When the computer is served the ball. Have him move, that way the ball doesn't just make a round trip and you end up scoring. (Smarter AI if you can).

Other than that. It wasn't too bad. but not something I was going spend more than a few minutes playing.

quick n easy fun

it takes no time to set up but if you slam down on the ball the opponet canot win


I like this, and I've played it about 30 times now. What's weird about Pong, is that it has a very simple concept, yet to this day it taps into the human psyche in a way no other game after it (not even Tetris or Puyo Pop) has. It’s so primitive and yet it’s so mind numbingly addictive, and you’ve emulated that compelling game play well.