Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

Too many times

This has been done so many times and to be honest this one was one of the worst. First of all the graphics were to plain and their was no color, second their was no music or sounds when the ball hit the you or the opponent and third their was nothing to make it interesting as it just got boring try and add something that is unusual. It is a start but to make it good it needs a lot of work.

Classic Pong game, nice.

Even though there wasn't any difference from the old game, I like this.

At first I believed that it would be impossible to win a game because Pong games usually got that malfunction. However, this game did not, which is very good.

Anyways, good luck with further projects and thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Most ORIGINAL game i've seen in seconds.

But really, solve the bugs and have a twist to it. For example, power ups music, and most of all, edable radioactive monkeys.


At first try the oponent paddle and the ball disapeared down.

So, this is the basic game, combined with stupid bugs ^^

I wonder why this didnt get blamed. We had better versions of that about 10000000 times...



It's pong. Whoopdy doo.
Just as a question but what would be the signifigance of adding multiple frames to a game of pong? When I made it I just used one...