Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

pretty good

pretty good, the only problem was if you hold the paddle down a little to were the ball hits the very top of the paddle every time it starts then it will go in every time. you need to set the computer to follow the ball no matter were it is instead of just his half. actually, i just realized that would make it impossible, maybe the three quarters of it closer to him. blah, so ya, good game.


The ball disappeared as it hit the bottom and the enemies paddle at the same time then it said the enemy scored on me >< Other thatn that good job just one bug I found....

It's impressive, true

The best game size I've ever seen. Now make something else in one frame. Breakout in one frame. Do it!

...Its Pong..........Wow...

Standard Pong with nothing specail. No one wants that anymore. Be original.

Good but easy

Wen't 6-0, then got bored... was too slow for any challenge and the computer lost too easily. This is currently rated a 1.85, come on... I'm sure a lot of people who were just going for votes gave it a 0 because it was 2kb so they assumed it was crap. I gave it a 3.