Reviews for "Pong in one frame."


Pretty damn good for one frame. And.. I don't know why the guy can't defeat him, just use the bottom right tip of the paddle... every time you score. And it's like the real pong game ,which I like. Add some music, or a menu of music to choose from and some different colors and you got yourself a front page.. I think so, anyway. 8 out of 10


Pong isn't anything no one hasn't seen, but this was creative in the fact that you used a single frame to create this game. In fact this shows one step closer to when games become rediculously small over changes in coding. pong looked good for pong and the animation was sharp. one thing i would say needs change is the computer's actions. His ability is too powerful and its hard to defete him, unless you get to the right speed with the pong ball. okay, i'm tired of typing, do some more flash.

Obviously you can't expect...

..Much from a pong game, but it's a PONG game. Anyone who opens this with the intent of some mindblowing inventive gameplay really needs to be shot. But it a very good game and to the guy who said "It's impossible for me to score"... What an idiot. It was a little too easy.


For a 2kb game, I guess this isn't bad since it takes really no time to load. The game works good, but I encountered a few bugs. At one point for some reason the enemy just disappeared after it went for a ball at the bottom of the screen. It's unfortunate that this game didn't have any real new features that would set it apart from other pong games, or I would have rated it higher.


the stupid enemy goes directly to the friggin ball, its impossible for me to score