Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

Nice work!

Wow, you made an excelent rendition of Pong in one frame! That, my friend, is awesome.

Graphics: Usual Pong style. Nothing worth praise.

Style: An excellent experiment, and it turned out great!

Sound: What sound?

Violence: What violence?

Interactivity: Nice, but I would have prefferred to use arrow keys.

Humor: ...

I've seen better...

Not bad, I'm not a fan of pong but let me explain somethings :
I put 1 for graphics, cause it was horrible and I gave a 5 for interactivity cause the ball was too much slow !!! I could play and review some other flash at the same time, speed up the ball...

Keep up your work...

Good but...

There was a major bug when I played... I hit the ball it went past the enemy bar and off the top of the screen at the same time and the bar went and chased it and I was stuck there all alone...

I hate pong

I hate pong so much, plus your game was very laggy. I only like pong when it is used instead of a loading screen, like in test drive


nice one XD ill give you a 5 anyways lol, Is it possible to win? Hmmm yeah, keep up the good work haha but you should probably make a 3D pong or something.

Anyway, this is actully really good, if this is your first piece of work.