Reviews for "Pong in one frame."

Good idea

good idea and concept just next time don't try to do it in one frame also add sound other than that it's pretty good especcially since it's only one frame


graphics: black......white....black...white

style: barly anything but it's something...

sound: either my loud speaker isn't working... or it's just *silence*

voilence: u gotta be kiding me

interactivity: moving up and down... 1+ for up 1+ for down = 2

humor: ... ha ha ha?

overall 1: this almost put me to sleep.......really.... but i snaped out of it, and turned it off

god reviewing this make me wanna sleep
this is a load of of sh..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

pretty good for a one frame production

ive worked w/ flash before and i know how difficult it can be especially with the frames good job now you need to make it more elaborate and give a reward for winning like a password for a special game that only works if you put in i certain password

Good effort, now expand it!

I know quite a bit of Actionscript myself, but I think making the computer AI just the right level, as you have here, would take me some time, so, if I were to make this same Pong game, it would've taken a reasonable effort.
Assuming it took you a reasonable effort as well, I've voted in your favour, as there's really nothing wrong with the game.

Now that you've succeeded in scripting the game adequately, you should expand it with sounds, two-player mode [this should be like five minutes work at this stage], animations [think of small animations when someone scores, or subtle bending of the 'paddles' when the ball hits, etcetera], levels and some nice art.
You know, some things to make it special and to make it stand out against the hundred of other Pong games on the Internet / Newgrounds :)

Good luck!


it was a very easy pong game. rather unoriginal too. some audio and color would've been nice too... i got bored and stopped playing after i was winning 26-4.