Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

great job

Duuuude, you rule. You made another great game with good music. I look forward to seeing more games like this out of you. A hint for anyone wondering: the shorter notes are power-ups, and the longer notes are power-downs. Always take the one on the left, it is a power-up.

The man of many marches

John Phillip Sousa...i would have never thought i would see a game or movie on Newgrounds with his music. It was great how you synched the instruments to move with the music. What marches were those? Also maybe you could put another level on using his most famous song, Stars and Stripes Forever, i was kinda hopin to hear that one. Overall, good job keep up the good work

Love it.

I love any game that is well made and to do with music! :D


Always remember to duck during band concerts if you don't want to be hit by a clarinet.

i kinda like it...

it's cool but a bit annoying that you don't know what the upgrades do...