Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

well done...just not as a game

as a game, it could have been better, and it could have had a little more variety. but WOW. otherwise, the coordination of the graphics and the music togeather was amazing. you did a really good job. ive seen better games, but this was really well done. i enjoyed it.

loved it

Lol i really enjoyed this game, especially because i play the tuba^^. I gave you a 5 in violence because i couldnt decide if this was violence or not. Nice Job.

Pretty cool

Interesting...Ive always been a fan of galaga and that was a pretty good reminder of them! but you didnt blatently steal it either! im not that big of a fan of classical music but it fit the game...so good job!


Did not like this game at all. Why do you say ,,Its finally there''? I wasn;t asking for such a bad game.
Je zuigt en stinkt ter gelijkertijd stop met spellen maken!


u have reminded me of what its like to play in a marching band and how much it sucked ass