Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

Wow. Just Wow.

This game is awesome. It's so pretty, if you had just made a flash video with the instruments flying across the screen, that would have been enough for me. The only gripe I had with the game is that I had trouble distinguishing between my notes and the enemies' notes. Really a minor gripe, though.

i luv dis game!!

I PLAY DA TUBA AND DIS GAME IS UBER!!!! lol im jokin bout da uber ting.

wat the

dude dont listen to the next guy

man my grandmother can shit better


i love this and dont pay attention to the one who said its boring i really liked it make another plz :D :D

all my 5 goes to this one


omg this game is freaking awesome! i dont think ive ever had so much fun destroying my own instrument... nice march choice by the way...if i could give you an 11 i would...bravo!