Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


Um... What was that? I was a floating tuba moving left and right running away from notes coming from instruments attacking me and dancing at the same time.

Nice game

It was a really good waste of 10 minutes :D If there were a sequel, I'd totally play it.
Tbh, though, I was waiting to hear "Stars and Stripes Forever" and you didn't use it xD Oh well.

great fun game (if you like classical music)

I gets a little repatative but its a nice calm game, I'm one of those rock loving ppl, but ill listen to some classical stuff every once in a while. it really calms you down, even the marches if you listen to recordings.

Pretty good!

A great game. Dazzling effects and patterns for the instruments. Overall, a nice game to play, with great music =)

great but repetative

This was a great game but after a few mins it became very repetative, but great nonetheless. It would have been cool to be diferent insterments :)