Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

Probably one of the most...

Unique games I've ever played (aside from Gallant Seventh). Sure, the lack of a "powerup shop" or something like that is a bit downsizing, but to base a shooting game around Sousa is...I lack an adjective to describe it.
Although, Tuba really isn't my instrument. It's...a bit towering.

fun but i think there's a bug

how come when i get a score of 2950 i get a rank F but when i get 2424 i get a rank C?


laughed my ass off! such a strange idea for a space invaders clone! you created some great formations here!
but there are no sound-fx at all, maybe you should connect gameplay and music a bit more... something like: "You have to shoot the instruments to let the music play." ... nonetheless i give you a chirpy 8 Points here and a marching WOOT!5'r in that other vote...




Someone recognizes the tuba's glory! I actually played Beau Ideal Concert March my 7th grade year as a Sym I Tuba, and I enjoyed hearing it again. May the blessings of bands everywhere go with you, he who hast promoted the tuba. I tremble in your glory.