Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


Those few minutes that I played this were amazing. I finnaly got to take out some saxaphones with a tuba. Those clarinets shall be avenged...

tubas, bottom of the band and proud of it

i play tuba, thought it was a hilarious game, usually tubas get no credit unless their only instrument that can play a part, great musical pieces in the game too. always wanted to take out bunch of trumpets too, always screwing up it seems


I've never seen a game based on the classical works of Sousa. As a musician, this game was incredibly amusing. I play tuba now, so seeing such a neglected instrument as the main character was nice. Overall, very good game, although it doesn't seem like the type of game you could play over and over.

That was cool!

That was awesome. I loved how the music matched the movements and all the little explosions. I loved it especially because I play tuba in my middle-school band.

I loved it

I loved this game, went perfectly with the music, even though I lagged a bit. If you're planning on making another I'd suggest being able to use the mouse for the control.

I really enjoyed this game.