Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

I struggled with this one...

... even on low quality it seems my PC just couldn't keep up. Things were happening so fast but there was no way for me to really control what I was doing - no skill involved really I just held space and moved around as best I could. Plus, cos my PC was struggling with the graphics there was no synchronisation with the music - sound was smooth but images were jerky.
Anyway, this is my problem not yours, but maybe you could make a version with lower specs - I'm suprised cos I've never had problems like this with any other game on here.


That was fun but I didn't like the way the explosion or w/e of the other instruments were... it was annoying... overall it was a good game.

Interactive Fantasia? I like it!

Them patterns were real purdy and it was overall a really fun game. Try and make the explosions more intersting next time.

This is really good :-)

This is fun :-)

Hmm, is there a hidden meaning here...?

I wonder, is there a hidden meaning in this game? The idea I got from playing this was that you were very cunningly saying that tubas have the capacity to totally destroy an otherwise beautiful musical performance. Again, that's just what I got out of it, and I seriously doubt it's on the money. Either way, I found it pretty funny, which is why I gave it a 7 in humor. Oh well, it takes all sorts, I suppose.
Anyway, I was very impressed with the movements and coordinations of the instruments with the music. It was actually quite beautiful!