Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

ehh not much to do

im in orchestra so jps can play with himself =) other than that, i donno it was like space invaders except you couldnt really move around and you didnt really have to do much to dodge the bullets

Kind of a dull game, but so spectacular looking

Great look, great sound, fluid movement. However, the gameplay is somewhat lacking. Maybe there is a fine and intricate game system that I am just not sufficiently sensitive to appreciate, but it's not very apparent if there is.

As a kid, I got very into those old, timing-based 8-bit games. Sometimes they were very hard but there was an element of predictability that made them challenging rather than just a senseless flurry.

uhhh... ok then

A)who decided it would be fun to blow up instruments?

B) do you have something against instruments?

Pretty good

I played it legitimately for about 30 seconds and then realized I could cheaply beat it by staying in the lower left and setting a stapler on top of my spacebar. It is a good game and the musical element was very cool, but when compared to a vertical scrolling shooter like RaidenX it is nothing spectacular. Don't misunderstand me...this was very cool and you should be proud of yourself.


Well it was an alright game but uhh you kinda start out with the best weapon dont you? I mean the eighth note shoots faster than all the others why would you change? Are the slower ones for a challenge or something to raise the level? But cool polka music and nice animation... Just wondering about the other things

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

you start out with a "good" weapon, not the best weapon. The powerups you get are dependant on your perfoormance on the level and previous levels so if you do badly, you will get a worse weapon. If you do really good each level, you may get a very ultimate weapon, which can let you get a MUCH higher score.