Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


I LOVE salade fingers, watched every episode with my friends this just adds to its greatness. You should make more salade finger games!!!

ok but i wouldnt quit ur day job

i dont like salad finers purly cos it scares me shitless.....teh game is ok but i think u could hav done better....after all uv been doing salad finger ages.

thought it would be fun but i was very wrong

started off kinda slow. thought there would be more too it. graphics were ok music was ok but the sounds when u collected stuff were the same and never changed so it became annoying. plus the game was boring as hell


I love Salad Fingers. This game was very humorous, but it did get old pretty fast.


i dont know wat to say... i didnt really like it i thought it was boring.... oh well