Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


this is 1 of d greatest online games I've ever playd!

Sweet Mother of crap!!!

Yes! great jeebus! this game was amazing! i have been waiting for a salad fingers game and i accidently stumbled across this! i love it. salad fingers ismy favorite online series EVER!!!! kudos

game is fun all i can say <(x__X)>

this game is fun i had playd somthing like it on a nother site you know war and stop cos u did not make him up so donot be thinking you or all that cos you or not but the game is still fun 2 play u got lucky this time cos i gave you a 1

good game

nice game:) make it a little harded and make it were you can make it go faster the guy behind me,please get a 12 gauge and put it in your mouth and reapeditly fire

it was alright i guess

it was nothing to special but a game where you move around collect points and get a higher meter until you fail at the game, i must say though that you can code very well and i hope i see more flashes from you in the future.

ehh i gave this submission a (")>5 the highest you can get (: