Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

Pretty good :P

The disturbed things of the SF saga continues, Shine plx.


brilliant, specially considering the file size.
people obviously cannot read, as it states that the animation was done by foyf.
nice :)

Quite good

A few more sounds as well as a positive ending line for high enough scores would make it even better. However, as it is, it's not too bad at all! The fact that this is the first pro-Salad Fingers game is very much a plus!

Up the Wazzo...

Nice work. Hope to see a version II.

Salad fingers likes the red water or blood.

And I highly doubt you even know what orgasmic means I'm getting annoyed with some people using it incorrectly because there is no such thing as orgasmic rust. I'm going on 14 years old and I understand more sophisticated words than you probably do. Though the game was pretty good, great job. Orgasmic rust sounds kind of scary if you ask I would hate to see what it looks like.