Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


I read your thing where it said "don't take this seriously," so I didn't.

But if it were made into a serious game, I'd do things like make different faces for different levels of pleasure or displeasure. Or maybe more of the "villains" running around at the bottom for different levels.

It was amusing though. Good job.

tasty tasty rust

cute lil game, simple yet entertaining ( if only for a little while, and i am a firth fan to begin with) Noticible missin though is the salad finger theme tune ( Boards of Canada, beware the friendly starnger ) these sort of games feel ab bit lones some with out a bit of audial pleasure, especially when your expecting the elements of a recognised cartoon. I give you 2 rainbows and a rusty George Forman grill.

Salad Fingers!!!!

the game isn't that entertaining, but since it's salad fingers, I LUUUUUV IT!!!!

Suck Bawls

This game sucks bawls big sweaty hair bawls.

Pleffy weffy woo!

"Je suis un amie un David Firth, therefore je suis enable du milk the Salaid Fingers le teet et make a really unorigonal game thats been done to death, and paste Salad Fingers in there and I'll get front page!!"

- If you think in French (en frencais) then I bet thats what you thought before making this game. If not I'm sure you thought something very similar.

Your friends with David Firth. Whoop dee fuckin do! Does that entitle you to make this unorigonal peice of junk and simply paste everyones favorite delerious Canker Muffin on there (that being Salad Fingers). Like dude. Salad Fingers fucking rocks. It's one of the most origonal things on the web. If you wanted to make this your own work insted of a Salad Fingers clone, you suceeded. Actually you did quite the opposite of what Firth does when making Salad Fingers. You made an unorigonal peice of shit.


Like, I'm almost as pissed of at you as I was with the fucktard that made that Linsy Lohan game. Hmm, go check it out, it looks exactly like this one, and the 2000000 other versions of the same game that are not being played ALL OVER the internet! Wasteing webspace, thats what they do. Fuckin hell.

Way back in the day when I was first introduced to Salad Fingers, I dreamed of using my semi-shitty programming abilites to make a Salad Fingers game. Me and Firth would tag team to make a smashing hit. It's a damn shame you pulled it off before me, cause mine might have at least had a touch of origonality.

But don't get me wrong, your a good artist and a good programer. I hope you're mature enough to have read this far in the review, cause now I'm going to say something nice. Dude, I've said it in so many reviews before...YOUR TALENTED! Put your talent to good use and do something that expresses you. Using someone elses characters is okay, but using someone elses characters on a game thats been around for YEARS...like fuck dude...thats about as uncreative as you could get. Use your talent, create something that defines you! Don't be hesitent or shy or scared, just let the idea's flow and I'm sure you can come up with something great!

Good luck with future stuff, be yourself, and let your work show the true you!