Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

SpOOn TastiC!!

Very cute- kinda hard but there has to be a challenge or you wouldn't want to play it a second time, which I did- I played it four times. N e way- good job!



This was ok..

This was an ok game...I agree with the guy before me...I to am a Salad Fingers friend..but this had little to do with Salad fingers...Accept for the fact...of corse he's obsessed with Rust...I found this game with little replayability...i could only play for about 5 mins and get bored...However on my 3rd time playing i got to Orgasmic...(yeah for me)...But anyways if u do say a Sim type game with Salad Fingers You'll be seeing my review...


Your Lord And Master Cj


I am a Salad Finger fan too. But this game, and I am judging this game purely on the basis of its gameplay, was not so good. Half of the games on Newgrounds invole catching things and therefore your orignality isn't too high. Plus, the millipede was a bit too wide so it made it more difficult to avoid. Now from a Salad Finger relevance standpoint, you only captured some of the essence of Salad Fingers, and here's why:
This game was much too structured while the world in which Salad Fingers dwells is abstract and virtually unpredictable. By setting in place rules by which the game abides, you completely disregarded the point of Salad Fingers, which is a surrealistic universe. Next time, create a game, much like a sim game, in which you can control Salad Fingers and carry out his unusual daily routines. That, in my opinion, better suits the driving idea behind all that which Salad Fingers is.

I love Salad Fingers

Man i like the style of ur movies. They're so....creepy and random and i like that. Cool style. And ur ideas r good too. I don't know what u weer thinking about when u made the first movie...maybe one of ur friends...Anyway it is GREAT!!! I'm waiting for next one :P!!!

A good but basic flash

I am a Salad Fingers fan so I will give this a ten no matter what but it also proved to be a somewhat entertaining game