Reviews for "Lust For Rust"


Not a 10, but better than most crap. Fun, though hard to keep the meter up. Its also hard to avoid the little boys. but overall, good

Graphics: Almost perfect!
Sound: Like the music, the Uh oooh is kinda annoying when you get lots of rusty stuff in a row.
Playabilty: Okay.....
Difficulty: A little on the hard side.
OVERALL: Pretty good.


fine, but nothin' special... just another precious-2mins-of-my-wonderful-lyfe-w aster :&

Got kind of boring after a little bit, but..

I liked the meter thing, but I expected an RPG or a fighting game. Good work, you drew Salad Fingers well.

nice game!

i got 16800 points, but i am going to try harder for a better score

fun game

I can't seem to score much higher than 10,000+ points. Oh well. This is a cute game.. Very fun to play indeed ^^